So you want to know a bit more about me?

So you want to know a bit more about me?

My name is Pascal Ferrère, I'm French but don't worry I'm fluent in English and my accent is not that strong. I have 9 years of experience as a Product Designer and I worked for some big tech companies like Hostelworld, KAYAK and Momondo ; but I also worked for a startup called Conferize so I know what it is to work in big and small environments. 

I traveled quite a bit and I lived in France, Ireland, Germany and Denmark. Talking about traveling, when there is no Global Pandemics I use my time off to travel the world and discover new places and meet new people. As a Product Designer I specialized in Design Systems because I really love consistency and efficiency. Believe me, I really don’t like inconsistencies. If you take a look at my portfolio you may notice that there are a lot of 3D and animation projects in there, and you may ask yourself:

Why is a Product Designer working on 3D projects?

That’s a very good question, and the answer is “Passion”. Some people love to play football or tennis, some others like to hike or paint but for me it’s to produce 3D content and animation. So if your company needs some Product visualisation I can definitely do it but I can also build a Design System or simply Design an app/website. I also love to teach and this is why you can find my classes on Skillshare.

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