Introducing Conferize

Introducing Conferize

The all-inclusive event platform.

In February 2020 I started working at Conferize as a Lead Digital Product Designer. A few months later Covid-19 showed up and changed everything. Conferize’s mission was to reinvent the Events industry but at this point it was pretty clear that the event industry was simply dead. 

A new strategy was urgently needed and the CEO decided to make a shift in the company’s direction and to focus primarily on online events. In addition to my Product Design skills he knew I could also create 3D projects, so he gave me the task to create a 60 seconds introduction video for the company presenting all the features of the platform. 

I only had 15 days to do it, but well… Challenge accepted. And here is the result.

conferize multi-platform
conferize events organisation
conferize website builder
conferize form builder
conferize money rain
Conferize attendees management
Conferize live event
Conferize tickets

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