Bringing Victor Hugo back to life.

Bringing Victor Hugo back to life.

Sometimes we just need a bit of Poetry.

Poetry is more than just words and rhythm. It is an escape, it's creativity, it's wisdom, it's Art. Victor Hugo is one of the most famous French writers and his poems are the ultimate proof of his talent.

This project is an homage to Victor Hugo. Using Blender I tried to bring this great man back to life with the poem "Ceux qui vivent, ce sont ceux qui luttent !" in English "Those who live are those who fight".

You may not speak French but I'm sure you can feel the power and strength of the words used in this poem.

If you have a sharp eye you may notice that the animation is not perfect and the reason behind this is the deadline. I gave myself two weeks to complete this project and it was quite a challenge.

A take-away from this project is that motion-capture is the way to go when it comes to animate human characters. Something I’ll keep in mind for my next project!

Victor Hugo drawing
Victor Hugo Profile
Victor Hugo Standing Portrait
Victor Hugo Standing Portrait
Victor Hugo Standing Portrait
Victor Hugo Signature

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