Funalytics Branding

Funalytics Branding

An online platform to learn Google Analytics with the promise to keep it fun. This is Funalytics.



When my friend approached me and explained his project of creating an online platform offering data analysis courses with a focus on Google Analytics, I immediately agreed to help.

Creating a brand from scratch is a real challenge but at the same time very exciting.



The concept of Funalytics is quite simple. An online platform targeting students and young professionals who seek to strengthen their data analysis skills.

Data analysis is often seen as a boring and serious topic, for this reason Funalytics wants to stand out of the crowd by making it sound simple and fun to learn. The logo needs emphasis the following  concepts:
Fun / Success / Analytics / Education

Creation of the logo

In my opinion, the best way to work on the creation of a logo is to start with a pencil and a sheet of sheet of paper. Hours after hours and sketches after sketches the good ideas start to appear.

My friend really wanted the logo to put the emphasis on the education and the fun. However, he also wanted to logo to remain clean and professional.

After few iterations we finally kept the concept of the square academic hat.
This hat is quite famous worldwide and is the perfect symbol of education and success. On top of the hat, the tassel turns into a line graph which represents data analysis. Finally, the edge of the hat on the bottom turns into a smile in order to highlight the "fun".



Professional, young and fun were the keywords for the Funalytics brand.
For this reason I decided to work with two main colors: dark grey and orange.

Dark grey reinforces the idea of professionalism and seriousness when on the other hand, orange is joyful and vibrant.


The choice of the typeface is always a crucial part. For this brand I've decided to work with two typefaces: "Verela Round" and "Roboto".

"Verela Round" is used on the logo and for the headlines only. It is very soft, clean and gives a young/fun feeling due to the rounded corners.

"Roboto" is used for the copy only. It is clean, well balanced and slightly rigid, which gives a more professionnal/serious feeling.



Working on branding is not something that I often do. Creating a logo is a very hard exercise, combining so many messages into a very simple shape is extremely challenging, but fun at the same time.

Unfortunately, the company Funalytics didn't last long. After a year my friend had to shut down its website and activity.

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